Are you over-exposed to underperforming funds?

Underperforming Large Cap Equity Funds

Indian shares hit their lowest level in nearly three months on Friday, November 4th. The broader NSE index fell 0.6 per cent to 8,433.75 and the benchmark BSE index fell by 0.57 per cent at 27,274.15.

Do you know where you stand? It’s possible that you are overexposed to the same underperforming stocks or funds across all your advisors. It’s hard to track your allocation data, when it sits in silos across reports in different formats by your various advisors.

Here are the top 5 underperforming large cap equity funds in the last three months. Are you overexposed to them?

5 Worst Performing Large Cap Equity Mutual Funds


What you need is a consolidated dashboard view of your financial data to have access to such actionable insights.

With Asset Vantage features like Period Performance and Advisor Performance Reports you can now drill down to view stock or fund exposure with a high degree of granularity and check the relative performance of your positions with respect to all your holdings and benchmark indices. Deploying the software platform can help you safeguard your family assets from capital erosion and underperformance by providing relevant data driven insights on demand for your portfolio.

Reduce risk and work smarter with your advisors to maximize your risk-adjusted returns.

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