Portfolio Performance

We have closely studied the needs of wealth owners to design a platform that handles your portfolio’s investment accounting and performance reporting within a single portfolio accounting software solution.

Track your asset allocation and performance returns for all asset classes, strategies, and their underlying investments across all entities.

Create and customize reports to evaluate time-weighted or cash-flow based performance across all asset classes and sectors.

Compare and analyze the impact and performance of third-party advisors.

Make informed decisions with powerful reports filtered by sectors, geography, liquidity, entity and other unique tags available within our system.

Generate reports by creating your own user-defined groups of entities within the family.

Track illiquid assets using the commitment schedule which includes committed, called and returned capital along with performance return metrics like IRR.

Stay on top of & reconcile receivables periodically with the cash-flow calendars of maturities, dividends and rent receivables.

View details of bond portfolios, including yields, amortization, ratings, issue date, coupon rate and call dates with our fixed income reports.

Choose and apply benchmarks to your reports for comparative purposes.

Hundreds of our global clients are fueling our innovative mindset to develop a robust

and comprehensive platform designed to cater to complex requirements. Would you like to see it?