Financial Data Aggregation

Financial data aggregation for all your investments, income and expenses is simplified to save time and reduce error, with custodian account and bank data feeds and smart upload features across all asset classes.

Upload and sync investment transactions for simple and accurate data aggregation across entities, advisors, banks and custodians.

Sync all your financial transactions with our easy-to-use general ledger.

View accurate and up-to-date information of your marketable securities which auto refresh the prior day’s closing value.

Multi-asset class data aggregation supports records of personal assets such as art, valuable jewelry, automobiles, planes and more.

Track all types of insurance policies, such as life, property and casualty, with specifically designed data fields and reports.

Record transnational activities such as contributions, capital calls, withdrawals, valuations etc. for alternative investments.

Record liabilities and manage their periodic payments, ensures a clear picture of true net worth.

Use the integrated Document Vault for data aggregation of digitized documents. The Document Vault facilitates consistent, secure and centralized storage of supporting documentation such as brokerage statements, trust agreements, reports, invoices, deeds etc. Tag documents to transactions for better record keeping and easy retrieval.

Data aggregation with controlled access. Manage user access through granular security, control which documents are shared and accessible by users.

Hundreds of our global clients are fueling our innovative mindset to develop a robust

and comprehensive platform designed to cater to complex requirements. Would you like to see it?