Do you track your wealth using Excel? Here’s something you’ll love.

As a weathered investor, you have to deal with data that is in constant flux, while navigating through the macrocosm of market information and the intricacies of your own portfolio. Consolidation of all your investments, income and expenses is imperative especially when it comes to optimizing returns and tracking data points to derive meaningful insights.

Excel is an easily available and widely used tool. We all love our spreadsheets and cannot imagine managing our financial lives without them. We use Excel to stay on top of things and monitor the movement of our portfolios. Power users of Excel even track their asset allocation, absolute returns and asset class performance benchmarked against targets. However, unearthing insights that enable you to make critical decisions, requires you or your finance team to spend hours on end manually punching in numbers. Further, with heaps of data both complexity and room for human error through manual data entry grow multifold. This makes getting to the bottom line a long drawn process.

If Excel is your go-to tool, then you’re going to love Asset Vantage.

Track You Wealth Using Excel

Designed as a powerful technology platform, Asset Vantage was built to automate portfolio management and accounting to provide a single view of a family’s entire net-worth. With analytics across multiple data cuts and performance metrics available on your fingertips, you can stay prepared to take well-informed decisions. It’s simple! Just as we deploy software for increasing business productivity, you need a comprehensive and secure software platform to simplify wealth management which also maintains the privacy of your data. Thousands of man-hours a year can be saved leading to increased focus on decision making rather than consolidation or reconciliation.

Take for example, when you receive a contract note from your broker, typically you would manually record this information in an Excel file and then re-enter that data in an accounting software like Tally.

With Asset Vantage, you can simply upload the contract note and the system will auto-update your portfolio along with the relevant ledgers of payables and expenses. Now that your transactions are recorded, you have access to insightful analytics like asset allocation, annualized returns for any period, sector allocation, group reports, gains or loss and other such important metrics.

Moreover, all values of market traded assets along with co-relating corporate actions are updated automatically on the system helping you stay ahead. You can go from arduous report creation to simple report generation at the click of a button.

Experience a seamlessly integrated financial life with Asset Vantage.

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