Asset Vantage is a family office software designed for families with complex investment portfolios and the desire to stay updated and confident about their financial decisions.


Our platform, with its data aggregation and allocation software, does all of the heavy lifting of data and analytics so you can spend time reviewing your financial picture and make informed decisions.

Aggregate Wealth Data Across Entities

At Asset Vantage, we offer a family office software which helps amass all of the important wealth data, across all the entities in your single-family office.


We understand your challenge to find allocation software that can manage partnership accounting, trusts, foundations and personal property. Our family office portfolio accounting software helps you account, track and report on these complex activities. Whether it’s tracking the tax basis, capital gains, investment income or cash distributions, you can confidently rely on our family office software capabilities for all your investment accounting needs.

Our family office software handles accounting for all types of entities encountered within a family office. These include partnerships, Subchapter S corporations, LLCs, foundations, trusts, estates and individuals. The flexible chart of accounts is backed by our allocation software that easily accommodates varying requirements for each of your entities.

Consolidated Performance Reports

Family Office accounting and reporting are required to assess net worth across multiple entities quickly and routinely, for both business entities and individuals alike. Whether your private family office includes a set of parents and their children or a multi-generational family with interests across multiple investment vehicles, our family office portfolio reporting software aggregates and consolidates data from these investments into financial statements that accurately reflect your family’s net worth.

Our family office software is a combination of portfolio accounting and reporting which allows you to choose from hundreds of reports that help you analyze, report and manage your wealth. In addition to financial statements, tax schedules and portfolio holdings you are able to generate consolidated statements and reports that span multiple years, entities or generations, to name but a few possibilities.
Our goal is to simplify the user experience while providing flexibility to meet your needs.

Compare Performance Across Wealth Advisors

Calculating ROI and tracking investment performance is a serious duty for the family office professional, especially given the multitude of wealth advisors they may simultaneously work with. As investors strive to be smarter, they want their financial professionals to answer questions about investment performance, risk and benchmark comparisons. Our family office software has private equity reporting tools that provide all of these answers and more — directly from the detailed general ledger.

Asset Vantage family office software enables you to:


  • Customize performance reports across wealth advisors, with aggregation for ease of review.
  • Compare your returns against major indexes and benchmarks.
  • Analyze the risk level in your portfolio and calculate IRR year-over-year.
  • Generate reports on individual portfolios and managers or combine them for summary reports.

Partnership Accounting


Accounting for partnerships can present a complicated and confusing challenge. Our family office partnership accounting software helps you allocate distributions and generate financial reports for entities or partners. Use our system to track the cost basis and fair market value, as well as each partner’s share of ownership or profit’s interest.


  • Use in-built allocation software to calculate distributions to partners for income, expenses, gains and losses.
  • Create reports for the partnership as well as for individual partners.
  • Track each partner’s cost and fair market value of their ownership.

Personal Assets and Alternative Investment Reporting


Alternative Investment Reporting

Non-standard asset tracking is challenging for all families because of complex family portfolios. Asset Vantage’s family office software integrates all asset classes, so that you can see your investment commitment across all your alternatives, what has been paid in and returned to you and the overall performance of your investments. Simplify a complex family office reporting situation using standard and configurable system reports.


Personal Assets

Asset Vantage family office software assists with tracking and reporting on personal assets as well; homes, planes, cars, insurance policies, collectibles, etc. Accounting and tracking these assets within a single solution provides you with a comprehensive picture of your true net worth.

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