Get control of all your assets & liabilities

Single Family Offices

Ultra-High visibility for the Ultra-High Net Worth


You needn’t be an accountant to take control of your financial data.

The AV platform is designed to give U-HNW families ultra-high visibility into their complex investment portfolios, equipping them to make insightful and better-informed decisions.


Our platform provides instant access to performance reporting, a full general ledger and a secure document vault enabling a consolidated view of a family’s entire net worth.


Aggregate wealth data across family investment entities


U-HNW wealth is usually held within family limited partnerships, trusts, foundations, individuals, LLC’s  etc.


View investments and allocation across all the entities for a clear consolidated picture.


AV’s powerful partnership accounting and reporting engine allows you to track cost bars and profit distribution across complex ownership structures.

Consolidated performance & allocation reporting


Detailed performance reports with drill down across asset classes the way you want to see your data.


Analyze risk, compare IRR’s, TWR’s with benchmarks across time periods.


Generate reports on individual portfolios and managers or combine them for summary reports.


Clarity in alternative investment reporting


Over 46% of family wealth is typically held in complex alternative investments.


AV’s powerful accounting and reporting engine creates an integrated view of alternatives within the family net worth. Powerful ways to track cash flows, performance of PE’s, commitments, unfunded commitments, investment multiples etc allow you to stay on top.

Track your personal assets


AV assists with tracking and reporting of personal assets: homes, planes, cars, insurance policies, collectibles, etc.


Accounting and tracking these assets within a single solution provides you with a comprehensive picture of your true net worth.


Multi currency is your answer to managing global investments


Monitor assets spread across multiple geographies and keep an eye on currency exposures in real time.

Tax reporting make your accountant’s life easy


AV delivers ‘Accountant-Ready’ tax reports, saving time by providing easy, consolidated reporting for individuals and family limited partnership entities such as LLCs, trusts and more.


Join hundreds of global U-HNW families already on the AV platform