You could be saving more on tax.

Most of us leave our taxes to our accountants without much thought. But our accountants are usually scrambling until the last minute to collect missing data from all their clients. Moreover, do we even know if our tax liabilities were calculated based on accurate data? Did we miss out on any opportunities to save tax by creative planning? Did our accountant inadvertently overpay or underpay taxes on our behalf? All of these scenarios occur routinely and we only discover them post facto.

The root cause of these problems is that our investment data is fragmented across paperwork and is manually consolidated using spreadsheets, accounting software and online tools. This not only creates last minute pressure to take tax decisions but also rarely allows for proper planning.

Save More on Tax

Asset Vantage was created to address the needs of a family office, experiencing exactly such pains of tax time. Asset Vantage is a powerful and comprehensive software solution for managing your family assets, maintaining your books of accounts and creating a virtual document vault. A single intuitive platform makes it easy for you, your accountants and your wealth advisors to always stay on the same page. By leveraging automation for family asset management, you can now invest your time in increasing tax efficiency and optimizing returns.

With the following features, the Asset Vantage software platform can help you save more on tax:

  • Gains Loss Report: Lower your tax liabilities with a granular view of lot-wise breakup on short term and long term gains/losses.
  • Capital Gains with Indexation: A system generated report simplifies tax planning across all entities.
  • Automated Accounting: Auto-updates ledgers for transactions uploaded on investments, income and expenses.
  • One Platform, Unlimited Users: Secure access to family members, accountants and finance teams, helps keep everyone on the same page.


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