Frequently Asked Questions


Is Asset Vantage a wealth advisor or robo-advisor?
No, we are not wealth advisors or wealth managers. Asset Vantage is a powerful family office accounting and reporting software designed to provide you with real-time information about your wealth so you can make well-informed decisions.
Our family office software is neither a robo-advisor nor an on-line wealth manager since we do not offer investment products or make recommendations on how to manage your wealth.
Why should I be using Asset Vantage?

If you aspire to be in control of your investments, our family office reporting software will enable you with data aggregation and portfolio performance reports. You no longer need to be dependent on your wealth advisors to understand the true picture of your financial life.
If you’re looking to consolidate investment data, manage accounting and documents all on one platform, the Asset Vantage platform is the perfect solution and will help you reduce complexities and stay in control of your data.

Can I transact through the platform like buy/sell stocks and bonds or make bank transfers?
No, you cannot transact on the AV platform. AV is an investment accounting platform with powerful data aggregation, allocation software and portfolio reporting capabilities in addition to document management. Your transactions will need to be routed through your existing bank or broker so you don’t need to change the way you bank or invest.
What type of entities and asset classes can I use Asset Vantage for?

An entity is any investment holding vehicle that has a unique tax identification number. You can account for a wide range of entities on the AV platform – individuals, companies, trusts, partnerships, estates, Subchapter S corporations, LLCs, foundations and individuals.
Non-standard asset tracking is challenging for all family offices. Asset Vantage’s portfolio reporting software integrates all asset classes, even personal assets such as homes, planes, cars, insurance policies, collectibles, etc.
You can even record liabilities and manage their periodic payments, ensuring a consolidated picture of your true net worth.

What features can I expect in the future?
We’re always working on keeping our family office software relevant and bringing you the latest technology to stay ahead. Given our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) structure, you can always expect to have the latest product through upgrades that automatically get pushed to your edition.


Is there a restriction to the number of login IDs per license?

No, the system allows you to create unlimited user login IDs per license, regardless of which edition you have subscribed to.

Can I define user permissions for designated advisors, accountants and family members?

Yes, you can define unlimited user permissions for any external party and create restricted or limited access to your private data.

Is there a record of all user activity on the system?

The system maintains an audit log for all login sessions including data entry, edits and deletions.


Where is my data being stored and can I take a backup?

Your data is setup and stored securely on a private cloud provisioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can take a manual backup of your encrypted data at any time. We have opted out of auto-backup settings on AWS so there are no backup files created without your knowledge.

Does Asset Vantage have access to my data?

No, we take privacy very seriously and the Asset Vantage team does not have access to any of your data.

Can I access the data remotely and from my mobile devices?

Yes, you can access the system from a web browser using your unique URL, from anywhere, at anytime. Our software is compatible with Firefox and Chrome on desktops and tablets. We also have an ‘Asset Vantage’ mobile app that you can download on your (Apple iOS / Google Android) smartphone to view your analytics dashboard on the go and stay updated with global news, stock news and more.



Can data from different sources be synced and uploaded to the AV platform?

Yes, bank accounts can be synced to AV and custodian data feeds can be linked as well. Alternatively you can choose to upload data for all asset classes in a number of different automated ways — pre-formatted AV excel templates, custodian and registrar statement downloads or opt for data entry.

In what format can financial data be uploaded and entered on Asset Vantage?

You can enter transaction data by uploading excel files, digital contract notes and other readable PDF files. Our portfolio data services include custodian data feeds that automatically update investment transactions and market values to reduce your time and effort.

How do I keep my bank and credit card transactions updated? 

You can either manually upload bank statements to populate and categorize transactions or you can also use our ‘auto-sync’ feature where the AV system pulls read-only transactions directly from your online bank account. Once this data is categorized, the system will automatically create and update your books of accounts. We support over 5,000 global data feeds across banks, credit cards and custody accounts. 

Can I upload and store important documents in digital formats?

Yes, you can store any scanned document related to KYC, transactions, compliance, investments, personal assets, etc. in AV’s ‘Document Vault’. All documents can be linked to transactions for easy referencing.

Can I consolidate data for international assets?

Yes, the system’s data aggregation capabilities include full multi-currency conversion allowing you to manage a wide variety of international assets.

How do I update values of all my illiquid assets?

You can manually update valuations of all illiquid assets. The system will then compute portfolio performance based on your latest valuation update.


How does my portfolio stay updated?

Our system is backed by daily data feeds integrated with valuations and corporate actions (dividends, bonuses, splits, etc.), which auto-update your portfolio with end of day closing prices for all market-traded assets. This ensures your market-traded portfolio performance report is always up-to-date.

Can I review annualized returns (IRR/TWR) since inception and for a specific period?

Yes, the system computes annualized returns (IRR or TWR) from inception and between any two dates and across asset classes, advisors, sectors, etc. This depicts the true picture of investment performance and private equity returns, leading to better-informed decisions.

Does the system compute asset allocation over time?

Yes, you can. We understand the importance of asset allocation in managing complex family office portfolios. You can set target asset allocations, review changes in asset allocation over a period of time and rebalance your allocation to align it with your investment strategies.

Can I review my holdings across different parameters?

Yes, you can filter your assets based on sector concentration, geographic exposure and liquidity profile.

Can I compare annualized performance of my various wealth advisors?

Performance reporting is an integral part of the Asset Vantage family office accounting software. You can compare the performance of your advisors for any chosen date range. This helps you stay prepared for monthly reviews with your wealth advisors.

Does the platform support benchmarking?

Yes, you can compare performance with various benchmarks like indices or any public security. Benchmarks can be assigned at multiple levels like asset class, sub asset class, individual holding or advisors.

Can I review performance analytics at the group or family level?

Yes, you can create groups with unlimited permutations and combinations of family members, trusts, business entities and partnerships to view consolidated reports at a group or family level. That is the power of AV’s data aggregation and allocation technology.

Can I customize reports to suit my needs?

Yes, you can create and save custom report templates to suit your data analytics needs.

Can I tag holdings to asset classes as per my preference?

You can categorize holdings as per your own definitions and change asset class mapping to suit your specific reporting needs. You can also evaluate performance based on custom investment strategies.


Does the system generate short-term and long-term gains reports for investments?

Yes, the ‘Gains/Loss Report’ splits realized and unrealized gains into short-term and long-term periods for each lot or unit of investment. For unrealized investments in the short-term, the system computes the number of balance days for an investment to mature into a long-term holding.

Does the system have income and expense reports?

Yes, Asset Vantage is a family office accounting software and the system provides a detailed analysis for income and expense across categories.

With automated accounting, how are ledgers created?

Asset Vantage has a balance of automation and customization. You need not create ledgers as the system automatically creates and updates ledgers when transaction data is entered and processed. However, you can also manually create any type of ledgers at the accounting head or subgroup level and make manual journal entries as well.

What kind of accounting reports does the platform create?

Asset Vantage has a dual entry accounting engine that creates Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, Capital Gains with Indexation and all journal entries.

Can the system help with tax reporting?

The family office accounting software does not calculate tax liability but it does make tax reporting easier. The system helps you aggregate data and gives you and your CPA/Chartered Accountant all the consolidated data and specific tax reports that help compute tax effortlessly.

What format is the balance sheet prepared in?

AV creates a balance sheet in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Standards as applicable in India and USA. 

Can we print journal entries generated on the system?

Yes, you can print journal entries generated on the system.