Integrated General Ledger

The integrated general financial ledger of Asset Vantage provides users with a single point of data aggregation and record keeping which ensures  consistency and accuracy of their data within a single platform.

All transactions are posted to the account ledger system which feeds all of the financial and investment reporting within the system. This eliminates the need to enter and reconcile data in multiple systems, minimizing the potential for errors.

Users can customize their chart of accounts, ledgers and ledger groups. The system is flexible and designed to cater to your specific needs based on your preferences.

Financial accounting reports such as Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet are accessible with custom filters making them a key component of decision making. These reports allow the user to drill into each report line item to display the underlying supporting transactions and journal entries. This reporting feature has proved useful in analyzing financial and investment transactions over periods of time.

Performance reporting and accounting is driven off the same dataset to ensure consistency and integrity. Whether the goal is tax filing or decision making on tax harvesting, the detailed report on short-term and long-term gains provides you with the ability to manage liquidity and optimize tax efficiency.

Family office partnership structures can have a complex web of inter-company transactions, cross-holdings etc. Asset Vantage is capable of managing multi-level reporting for investment allocations and profit sharing.

Holding investments in different geographies and currencies is common in today’s portfolios. The system supports a growing list of currencies for maintaining accounts in preferred currencies and locations.

It’s daunting to map and reconcile banking transactions with respective investment transactions. With Asset Vantage, it’s simple to complete this task, allowing your finance teams to spend more time on analyzing the information rather than manually updating their records.

The Asset Vantage accounting platform follows US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards.

Asset Vantage supports multiple capital gain relief methodologies.

Hundreds of our global clients are fueling our innovative mindset to develop a robust

and comprehensive platform designed to cater to complex requirements. Would you like to see it?