Financial Data Aggregation

Financial data aggregation for all your investments, income and expenses is simplified to save time and reduce error, with electronic data feeds and smart upload features across all asset classes.

All of your investment transactions (equity, mutual funds, bonds etc.) can be uploaded or directly synced for simple and accurate data aggregation across entities, advisors, banks and custodians. This financial data aggregator toolbox saves time and increases data accuracy.

With Asset Vantage, electronic data feeds from your bank, custodial credit card accounts will seamlessly record all your financial transactions. Use this data to auto-populate general ledger entries to record income and expenses, investments and liabilities to keep your books current and reconciled.

The Asset Vantage system auto updates prior day closing values of marketable securities, providing you with access to accurate and current information.

Use the integrated document vault for consistent, secure and centralized storage of supporting documentation such as brokerage statements, trust agreements, reports, invoices etc.

The system is designed to help maintain records of your various personal assets such as art, valuable jewelry, automobiles, planes and more.

Tracking of Life, Property & Casualty as well as other types of insurance is supported with specifically designed data fields and reports.

Through our uniquely designed software, the system can record transactional activity for alternative investments. This includes contributions, capital calls, withdrawals, valuations etc.

Record all of your liabilities such as loans, margin accounts and mortgages. Manage the periodic payments associated with these liabilities. By doing this, you can accurately track your true net worth.

The Asset Vantage system is designed to help you manage all relevant information on your real estate investments whether it is directly-owned property or real estate funds. Our document vault allows you to upload and store all related documents including, but not limited to, purchase and sale contracts, lease agreements and property valuations.

Through our granular security, the document vault allows you to manage and control which documents are shared and viewable by users.

Hundreds of our global clients are fueling our innovative mindset to develop a robust

and comprehensive platform designed to cater to complex requirements. Would you like to see it?