Dubai Vantage Club Event, November 2018

Driven by strong demand from middle east region, Asset Vantage held its premier Vantage Club event in Dubai in November 2018.  The event was attended by several Dubai based family principals, family office professionals from CFOs, CIOs to strategic advisors relating to accounting, investment, structuring and more.

Highlights from the event where some key insights were presented by AV customers.

1. Family offices are struggling with technology mix and paper.

Most UHNW family offices have varying levels of complexity that is currently being managed manually with a mix of excel, accounting software and physical statements.  Some have even tried to build expensive to maintain tools to automate this process.


“Earlier I put in $750,000 (to build in-house software). Now I only pay the subscription fees. More importantly you’re taking care of the technology challenges. I don’t have to worry about what my hardware will be, about access and security, what’s the software updates- because that’s what you do.”

Vinod Krishnan, MD, Arch Corporation (DIFC) Ltd.


2. Centralized Control, Consolidated Reporting, Seamless Access

Purpose built technology brings focus and ownership back to the family. Families can focus critical time and effort on decision making when purpose built software like Asset Vantage brings the below in a ready to use and constantly enhancing feature set.

  • Best practices in investment accounting
  • Performance reporting
  • Multi-currency
  • Security & privacy
  • Flexibility of access
  • Ability to own their data


“It would take 4 days before I got the answer. Now (after switching to Asset Vantage) it’s literally at my fingertips.
… the reporting and analytics piece that you have, I just find that very very useful.”

Gopal Amin, Vice Chairman, SLK Group


3. Get the power of a family office for a fraction of the cost

Asset Vantage technology has helped families create a flexible Virtual Family Office structure for families to retain certain core decision making capability in-house and easily outsource the rest with full control to best of breed service providers.


“We moved from doing everything in-house to seventy to eighty per cent outsourced. The only way we’ve been able to do it is because AV allows different people to touch the same data and they can be anywhere in the world.”

Sunil K Dalal, Chairman and MD, UNIDEL Group


Asset Vantage partners also presented at the event on how each of them manages and tracks data for several family offices on Asset Vantage as a fully managed service.

About Vantage Club

The Vantage Club is a private and exclusive network of family principals to meet in closed-door sessions and gain multiple perspectives on how to deal with pressing challenges, explore new ideas and learn from subject matter experts.

About Asset Vantage

Asset Vantage was developed in 2011 by family offices to address the unique accounting, performance reporting and data aggregation needs of family offices and their accounting and financial advisors.

Asset Vantage provides comprehensive portfolio reporting, partnership accounting and full Portfolio Accounting including tracking and reporting on Capital Calls, Commitments, Subscriptions, Redemptions, Marketable Securities, Cash Management and all distributions.

Asset Vantage is currently used by nearly 150 different single and multi-family offices and accounting and financial advisory firms across North America, the Middle East and India.

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