Do you need the capabilities of a Single Family Office but don’t know where to start?

We provide you with individual and consolidated views of your family’s entire net worth. Our Private Cloud based platform enhances reporting flexibility while minimizing personnel dependencies and high capital costs.


•  Own your data & access it on a Virtual Private Server

•  Seamless access through web & mobile app

•  Retain global best-in-class service providers & domain specialists

•  Enable better accountability through a Service Level Agreement & Investment Policy Statement driven approach

•  Easy access to timely, accurate data helps you better control risks

Asset Vantage Enabled Virtual Family Office

Secure data storage with document management & centralized control with authorized user profiles.


Ownership of data, reports & analytics for informed decision making resulting in greater transparency & control for the family.
Flexibility to switch service providers as data is owned by the family.

Audit, Legal & Tax

Grant conditional access of consolidated data to specialists as and when required. A single source of data results in higher efficiency & more timely deliverables.

Insurance & Personal Assets

Track insurance policies across providers. Maintain a record of personal assets like art, jewelry, real estate etc.

Investment Advisory

Provide a controlled view to internal & external advisors, enabling them to track risk and returns across investment strategies. Have informed conversations on how liquid & Illiquid financial assets are performing.


Handle data aggregation, investment accounting & reconciliation services through domain specialists trained on Asset Vantage.

Banking & Custodial Data

Link banking & custodial service providers aggregating all entity & account data for individual and consolidated view.

With a demo of the product, you can see how global family offices are using the Asset Vantage family office software and suite of solutions to optimize their operations.

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