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Multi-Family Offices

“Is my client sufficiently liquid to meet this capital call?”
is a question MFO executives should never have to ask.


In this on-demand world, you need same-day data at your fingertips all times.


Asset allocation data continuously refreshed, should be accessible in real time. Likewise, over-allocations to poorly performing equities shouldn’t remain hidden until the companies that issued them go belly up – by which time efforts to re-allocate would be too late. And so it goes for managing all facets of U-HNW financial health.


For Multi-Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors serving the U-HNW, we offer performance-reporting software with in-built data feeds to create unprecedented visibility into all facets of your clients’ numerous accounts and investments: all managers’ portfolios, individual trading accounts, bank accounts, private-equity stakes, hedge-fund investments, real-estate, art, collectibles, and most importantly liabilities.

Multi-asset class system

Whether you are making individual investment decisions, outsourcing investments to a third-party manager, or a combination of both, AV’s multi family office software allows you to aggregate data and plug-in data feeds, enabling you to report and analyze the consolidated information across asset classes.


Our private equity reporting feature facilitates slicing and dicing of investment data, at the holding, account or manager level, and helps generates reports that enable you to analyze investment data at multiple levels for your U-HNW clients.


AV has predefined and user-defined fields to enable you to generate reports the way you want to report to your U-HNW families.

Multi-Asset 3

Mobile App featuring dashboard notification and documents for your clients

With an intuitive mobile app dashboard available on IOS and Android platforms, your clients can access their entire financial portfolio on the move. With market data feeds built into AV your clients always have access to current, consolidated information without any additional effort on your part.

Direct custodian and bank feeds 

Stop managing your clients’ financial life with multiple online tools and stodgy spreadsheets.


Simplify your operations with smart upload and data sync features for banking and credit card transactions. Reduce manual effort; use automated data feeds for custodian accounts.


Our direct feed engine interfaces with global partners such as PCR and Electra for custodian transactions, positions and cash feeds and provides easy to use custodian account reconciliation.

Synchronize 1

Powerful performance reporting

Highly configurable reporting consolidated across investment parameters:

• Asset class

• Strategy

• Advisor

• Accounts

• Geography

• Liquidity & more..


Examples include:

• Summary and detailed reporting of all investment positions.

• Investment performance and comparison against industry benchmarks

• Analysis of asset allocation across all investments.

• Consolidation of multiple entities for a complete financial picture.

• Generation of custom reports based on individual client needs.

• As on date & multi-period performance with IRR’s for illiquid investments & TWR’s for liquid investments.

Compare performance with benchmarks

Calculating ROI and tracking investment performance is crucial for the Multi-Family Office professional. As investor demands grow, they want their financial professionals to answer questions about investment performance, risk and benchmark comparisons. Our multi asset class reporting features provide all of these answers and more, directly from the detailed general ledger activity.


AV benchmark supports

  • TWR comparision with various indexes
  • Public Market Equivalent or PME Benchmarks

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