Asset Vantage provides the ultimate, multi-faceted portfolio and tax reporting software for accounting firms, law firms, insurance brokers and any other providers who serve high-net worth individuals or families.

Building a superior practice

An integrated and automated accounting engine keeps your books up to date at all times with accurate data that is easily reconciled for both payments and receivables. Consolidated investment accounting and reporting ensures that you can conveniently generate customized reports and no longer require a separate tax reporting software.

Provide your clients with a holistic view

For those practices focusing on accounting services to your clients, our investment accounting software helps manage all your clients’ complex activities. Whether it’s tracking the tax basis, capital gains, investment income, partnership income or cash distributions, you can confidently rely on our software capabilities for all your investment accounting and tax reporting needs.

Our look through reporting software handles the accounting for a variety of entities you encounter with your range of clients. These entities include partnerships, Subchapter S corporations, LLCs, foundations, trusts and estates, as well as individuals. Asset Vantage’s flexible chart of accounts easily accommodates varying requirements for each of these entities.

Improve your clients’ experience with an interactive view
of their investments – anytime, anywhere

Some of your clients may require 24/7 access to their financial information. With our look through reporting solution, you can provide access to clients and even allow them to manage certain transactions themselves.


With a secure, remote access platform, your clients can view, download, or print reports with ease, anytime and anywhere.

Partnership accounting

Accounting for partnerships can present a complicated and confusing challenge. Our partnership accounting software module helps you allocate distributions and generate financial and tax reports for entities or partners. Use the system to track each partner’s cost basis, tax basis and fair market value as well as each one’s share of the profits, even when ownership percentage changes during the year.

  • Allocate distributions to partners including income, expenses, and gains and losses.
  • Create reports for the partnership as well as for individual partners.
  • Track partner’s cost and fair market value.
  • Ease tax reporting through data aggregation and customized reports.

Generate comprehensive reports

Asset Vantagefurnishes you with an opportunity to serve your clients and represent their best interests by allowing you to communicate their financial position easily and effectively. It combines the capabilities of accounting and tax reporting software with the flexibility required for investment reporting. Capabilities include j curve reporting and tax reporting, allowing you to generate customized reports and financial statements that are personalized to each client’s needs. In addition, portfolio data services support export of reports and data for use in other applications.

Asset Vantage facilitates:


  • Report generation on both cost and GAAP basis.
  • Easy export of reports to Excel or PDF.
  • Creation of financial statements, cash-flow analysis, trial balance and investment summaries.

With a demo of the product, you can see how global accounting firms are using
the Asset Vantage accounting and look through reporting software to optimize their operations.

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