iOS/Android Mobile App

Take advantage of Asset Vantage’s, on-the-go feature, allowing for you to access your portfolio, reporting, analytics and investment details in a secure manner from your mobile device.

Provide true mobile access for users with native iOS and Android apps for ease of investment accounting.

Enable two-factor authentication for enhanced security in addition to end to end hardened TLS encryption.  In addition, this can be configured to be setup as a “Private” VPN or local network access only.

You can control what users see and have access to through extensive roles and user management.

Users want information on their schedule so put their information in their hands when they want it – with the mobile apps you can deliver stock news and watchlist, updated portfolio performance data and global news.

Hundreds of our global clients are fueling our innovative mindset to develop a robust

and comprehensive platform designed to cater to complex requirements. Would you like to see it?